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Paula Allen is the host of Tell Me Stories Podcast taking you backstage to hear original stories from your favorite performers. On this episode Paula chats with about the concept of her show, her experience in college radio, volunteering at music festivals, the indie music scene in Toronto,  comedy and much more.


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Jason,Bob & Mindy are the host of Three Is Comedy a variety comedy podcast. We being former retail warriors, the different comedy influences of stand up, radio, improv, why we think classic rock is overrated, there love of  morning radio, how Three is Comedy came to be and much more.

Thee is Comedy online-Threeiscomedy.podbean.com@ThreeIsComedyFaceboook

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Andrew Hall and Jack Matirko are the host of Naked Diner Podcast a fun and informative podcast where Jack and Andy interview an intriguing guest . On this episode we chat the 2016 election, their podcasting history, punk rock, our atheist journey and much more.

Jack online- WebsiteFacebook@LaughPurgatory

Andrew online- Zxh-creative.com @LEDFlashingFacebook

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Michael Price is an Emmy and Writer’s Guild award-winning writer and producer on such shows as Ahh! Real Monsters, Teen Angel, Legos Star Wars, and The Simpsons​. Michael is also the co-creator along with Bill Burr of the Netflix original F is for Family​ On this episode, Michael chats about previous writing jobs, The Simpsons writers room, celebrities he was able to get on the Simpsons, the origins of F is For Family, what we can expect from Season 2 and more.
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Peter Veunnasack and Devin Priester are co host of We Got Five a weekly podcast that gives your their favorite things in sequential order. Peter can also be heard on his podcast (Hydrate Level Four, Original Remake, BTTF The Animated Series, while Devin can be heard on The Liquor Run. On this episode we which Home Alone movie is the best. how the two meet, Devin not seeing most popular TV or movies and much more.

Peter online- Coretemparts.com, Followingfilms.com@RipCitizen

Devin online-Coretemparts.comThe Liquorrun@DevinLamarr

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