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Griffin Newman is an actor and comedian known for his portrayal of Arthur Everest on Amazons The Tick, and co host of Blank Check Podcast (Time Magazines Top 10 podcast of 2019). On this episode we chat about his experiences making The Tick, the rise of popularity of Blank Check podcast, working with Kevin Smith on his role as Orko on Masters of the Universe, from growing up in a fan to being a source of fandom and much more.

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Dan Kozuh is a comedy writer and author whose work has been featured in such publications as SFweekly, The Los Angeles Daily News, Billboard Magazine and more. Dan has also written over 200 articles for The Hard Times and their nerd culture sister site, Hard Drive. In April 2019, Dan published his first novel: LINGERIA: Book One of One. It’s a comedic fantasy story about an author’s discovery that the fantasy world within his novels is real and all of the characters revere him as their god and creator. As one review put it, "It is Lord of the Rings meets Hitchhikers' Guide.” Another called it “George R.R. Martin New Nightmare's himself”. In this episode, we chat about how Kozuh came to write for The Hard Times and how his writing has touched the lives of his subjects, being christian metal and ska kid, our love of Louie Anderson, and his struggles with mental health.

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Alex Schumacher is an author/illustrator who has worked with the likes of Arcana Studios, Viper Comics, and DreamWorks TV. His first collection of literary magazine comics, Defiling the Literati, was released in 2017 to rave reviews. That same year Alex was also nominated for a ‘Best of the Net’ award for his graphic narrative collaboration with underground poet John Bennett. Alex continues to produce the weekly webcomic Decades of (in)Experience (est. 2015) for Antix Press and the monthly misadventures of Mr. Butterchips (est. 2016) for Drunk Monkeys. On this episode we chat about a great deal of topics with unflinching candor including the twists and turns of Alex’s career path, dealing with mental health issues, recovering from alcoholism, his love/hate relationship with the funny book industry at large, and more.

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