Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Sophia Benoit is a comedian and screen and freelance writer. Sophia chats about what lead her into the world of comedy, her move to Los Angeles for college, performing stand up, interning for The Groundlings, Funny or Die, using Twitter as a tool and much more.

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Jeff Howard is a stand up comedian based out of New York City. Jeff chats how he decided to start performing comedy in his 30’s, balancing having a full time job, wife and children, acting for the first time, navigating the New York Comedy scene and much more.

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For the 100th episode I welcome my oldest friend Don Janus. Don chats about our time together in High School, embarrassing stories from the past, politics, television, super hero comic books made into movies and much more.

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Jimmy LeChase is a stand-up comedian, producer and writer based out of New York City. Jimmy chats about the golden age of The Simpsons, stand up in popular culture, finding a mentor in Eddie Pepitone, using the lose of his dog to create comedy, and much more. Jimmy is also a class act and would like you to check out and donate to ASPCA and Malesurvivor.org two amazing non-profits.

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Justin "Fat Jay" Rathburn a co-host of the Fat Jay Podcast. Fat Jay Podcast is a NSFW comedy show. In this episode Justin opens up and we get deep and discusses getting married and divorced young, being a dad and gets deep about his past, our love of Kevin Smith and more.

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Geoff Garlock is a comedian,writer, and musician who is currently teaches sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade (take a class with him!) Geoff is also a fellow podcaster with Worst Gig Ever which had over 100 episodes, and a 7 episode web series produced through Official Comedy. Geoff played in OrchidPanthers and currently playing with Low Estate. In this episode we chat about touring, having one foot in the world of music and comedy, growing up in Connecticut scene and much more.

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Here’s Your Breakdown are an Alternative Pop Punk band based in London comprised of Gian "The Kid" Astacaan (Vocals/Guitar) Arran "Freddie" Sahota (Bass/Vocals) and  Rich "Dora- Dusher Bag" Alexander (Drums/Vocals). In this episode we chat about the band's formation, their influences, all things pop punk, the difference of the U.S and U.K scene and much more.

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Kip Clark is the host of Stride and Saunter a conversational podcast. Kip chats about our love of John Oliver, utilizing new media to get your voice out there, the art of storytelling, joining an Improv troupe and much more.

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Frank Branches is the co-host of RPGrinders on Wicked Radio Network. Frank chats about skepticism, video games turned into terrible movies, marijuana legalization in Colorado, starting a podcast network, his love of werewolves and all things horror, our guilty pleasures in reality T.V and much more.

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Morissa Schwartz is a writer, singer, and media personality whose writing can be seen on such sites as Entertainment Weekly, HelloGiggles, and Huffington Post. Morissa new book is 'Notes Never Sent' out now from VIP Ink Publising. Morissa chats about her writing process, television, Full House, conducting interviews, and being a "precrastinator."

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Sarah Hartman writer and member of the Sketch comedy group Hot Buffet. Hot Buffet can be seen performing at The People's Improv Theater (The P.I.T) in New York City. Sarah chats about her time in Australia, her path to comedy, our mutual obsession with television, Christianity, and all things comedy.

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Robbie Dorman is the co-host of The Simpsons Show and Handsome Boys Comics Hour. In this episode we are joined by guest co-host Nate Peavey. Robbie chats about who The Simpsons Show came to be, Simpsons how seasons 1-10 are referred to as the golden years, favorite moments, guest stars, episodes and how he would end The Simpsons.

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Jacqui Marpa is a stand up comedian based in Michigan. Jacqui chats about growing up in the Philippines and finding comedy at a young age, performing at open mics, Michigan comedy scene, being inspired by seeing stand up and listening to comedy podcast to perform, television and much more.


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Adrian King returns to the podcast, Adrian is the host of Adrian Has Issues Podcast and runs the blog HobSnobbery. Adrian chats about his experience podcasting, their mutual love of pop punk, emo, screamo, comedy, politically correct culture, all things geek culture and much more.

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Dan McCool is the lead singer and guitarist of Warn The Duke. Dan chats about his time playing with River City Rebels, growing up in the late 90’s Boston punk/ska scene, being signed to Victory Records, how much has changed since the early 00’s in music, Warn The Dukes formation, influences and much more.


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Jimmy LeChase is a stand-up comedian based out of New York City. Jimmy chats about subjective comedy is, performing with some of his favorite comedians, the business side of comedy, hosting open mics, television shows his podcast The History of Comedy and much more.


Jimmy online- Braceforjimpact.com, @lechased, Facebook, Youtube, Moodswingcomedy.com


Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.com@letschatpodcastFacebook


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Greg Pratt is a music journalist and the writer of A Fat Wreck: The Punk-U-Mentary. Greg chats about the process of writing the documentary, his love of metal, how he fell into becoming a music journalist, Fat Wreck's influence on growing up and much more.


Greg online @GregPrattWriterGregprattfreelancer.blogspot.comAfatwreck.com

Lets Chat online- @letschatpodcast, FacebookCoretemparts.com

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Max Lopez is a musician and works at Ashkenaz music and dance community center in Berkeley California. In this episode Max chats about world music, various jobs he has had worked in music, the state of the music industry today, the importance of a local music scene and much more.

Max online-Ashkenaz.com, Facebook, @ashkenazmusic

Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.com, @etschatpodcast, Facebook


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Kyle Appleyeard is from the Shark Dropper Studios. Kyle is the voice of detective James Keyes on Dopple Avenue Hurt a comedic film noir style podcast. Kyle and Revill start out the show with an inappropriate would you rather, how Florida gets a bad name, voice acting for the first time, being the only two people on earth who had Sega Saturn, sports, and the inspiration for Dopple Avenue Hurt.

Kyle online- Sharkdropper.com, @SharkDropper, Facebook, Patreon.com

Lets Chat online- Themisfitsnetwork.com@LetsChatPodcastFacebook


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Ash Blodgett (writer/director/ co-founder) and Bret Eagleston (sound guy/composer) are from Laugh Stash TV an online video production company dedicated to creating videos filled with LOLs. Ash and Bret are also co-host of the LetsRewatch Podcast. Ash and Bret chat, having viral success, retro video games, Ash’s Comic Con experience,  Bret’s work in animation, and much more.


Laughstash.tv, Facebook, @LaughStashTV, Youtube


Ash online-@AshsStash 


Bret online-Breteagleston.com@Bread_Eagle


Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.comFacebook@Letschatpodcast



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Dwight Hurst is a psychotherapist, author, and podcaster. Dwight is the host of The Broken Brain Podcast a fun and informative Podcast about Psychology, mental health, treatment, and all things brain-ey. Dwight chats about his various positions in the human service field, all things mental health, moving for love, superheros and much more.

Dwight online- Dwighthurst.com@BreakabrainFacebook

Lets Chat online- Themisfitsnetwork@LetsChatPodcastFacebookletschatpodcast@gmail.com

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Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague are authors of the time travel erotica novel Time Bangers: One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor. Ivery and Luna also are the modern day Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. In this episode we chat about writing the book as a way to maintain their friendship while living far away, make dirty jokes, growing up as nerds, renaissance fairs, time travel, and much more.


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Ashely and Revill chat about how they meet in the days of Myspace, moving away from your home state, growing up in the punk/ska scene, graduate school, television, Beverly Hills 90210, Firefly, comic books and much more.

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Christoph Paul a.k.a Mandy De Sandra an author who has recently taken the internet by storm with their bizzarro erotica book Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick. Christoph explains why they created a pen name Mandy De Sandra, how they use the pen name as a character, what it's like to go viral, the absurdity of Kirk Cameron and much more.

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Shaun Colon is the director of A Fat Wreck: The Punk-u-mentary (90'-99) a film about Fat Wreck Chords. A fat wreck is a fan made and fan financed film (donate on indigogo). Shaun chats about the origins of making this film, making fan financed documentary, the legacy of Fat Wreck Records and much more.


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Brad Jost and Dan Caron host The Jurassic Park Podcast Your source for Jurassic Park & Jurassic World news. Brad and Dan discuss the Jurassic Park franchise and its expanded universe, how much we loved Jurassic World, television shows, movie scores and much more.

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Jason Madden is the co-host of the Bus Stop Podcast, a podcast that is recorded at various Bus Stop's around Vancouver. The best stories happen at the bus stop. In this episode we make some pitches to Netflix for their full house reboot, fan out over Blink 182, and Chris gets stumped on questions about Canada and much more.

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Rafael Nowak is the co host of  We are not here to please you podcast and fellow comedy nerd. Rafael chats about having his pulse on the comedy scene in the states while living in Finland, television shows that formed his comedy development, growing up in east Germany and much more

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Charlie Frattini is a reality TV star and host and a recent contestant on Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid. Charlie chats about his time in the Marine corps and his experience on Naked and Afraid, other reality shows he has done and much more. We are joined by guest host Peter Veunnasack of Hydrate Level Four Podcast.

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Cameron Readey is a stand up comedian who holds nothing back. Pat Llewellyn joins as a guest host and we chat about Cameron's influences, the similarities to music and comedy, the difficulty Cameron faces starting out with out a comedy scene in New Hampshire, bombing, balancing family and comedy and much more.

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Dana Schwartz is a writer comedian and behind the wildly popular twitter parody accounts @GuyinyourMFA and @DystopanYA. Dana chats about entering Brown University and finding her way to comedy, interning at CONAN, starting a writers colony for young women called The Grange, sexism within comedy and literature, television, developing her comedic sense on the internet, using social media as a tool and much more.


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Derek Reilly and John Maiello work in artist relations for Dark Horse Percussion a custom made drum company. Derek and John are also long time friends and musicians. Derek can be seen playing in Jaguar Sharks, Ensign, and Bottomfeeder, and John plays in Dead Bars (No Idea Records). In this episode we chat about Dark Horse, coming up in the New Jersey scene, punk rock coming full circle and much more.


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Kevin Gilligan is a actor, writer, comedian, co creator of Gigahoes  and board member of Geeks OUT. Geeks Out is a non profit organization that rallies, empowers and promotes the queer geek community. In this episode Kevin chats about touring as a theater actor, sketch comedy, Geeks OUT, Flame Con NYC first queer comic con and much more.

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Jonah Bayer is a music journalist, co-host of Going Off Track Podcast, Co-Creator of Sound Advice webseries, and guitarist of United Nations. Jonah chats with host Revill about working as a freelance writer, performing stand up comedy, Trader Joe’s, doing a T.E.D Talk, performing stand up, pun’s, Going off Track, Sound Advice, and much more.

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Steven Smith is  a television host (Fuse, Mtv Geek, VH-1) and co-host of the Going off Track Podcast. Steven can also be seen Sprints Fan Connections. In this episode we chat about punk rock fatherhood, working on Fuse, Going off Track, music, comedy, feminism and so much more.

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Jessica Park is a actor,writer, sketch comedian, model, and producer. Simply put Jessica does it all. Jessica about the different range she works in from drama to comedy, being a child actor in Germany, performing sketch comedy, modeling during fashion week, working on Gigahoes, Daredevil, and much more.

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Steven Cytowicz shares his experiences working at Hope With Heart (please donate) a camp for kids with Heart Conditions, T.V shows, video-games, conspiracy theories and much more. This episode is guest hosted by Beau Pearce.

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Jeff Beck is the owner of East Side Mags Comic Book Shop in Montclair New Jersey. Jeff talks about growing up in the New Jersey punk scene, how he incorporates aspects of D.I.Y and community into his business,  his story from working in New York City in a corporate setting to opening up a comic book shop and much more.

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Tach Van Sickel is 1/4th of the T’aint  Funny Podcast, as well a cofounder with Jimmy Klien of Attack Films Productions. On this episode Tach chats about  filming a music video with Agnostic Front, recording with a member of Limp Bizkit, Podcasting, 3rd Rock From the Sun and much more.

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Blu Carson is a writer and author of Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures out now on Bamboo Forest Publishing. In this episode we talk all things Disney from movies to parks, how she became an erotica author, and how her book has had a positive impact on people.


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Alix Spurlock is free lance voice over artist and voice actress. Yes you can hire her! On this episode we are joined by guest host Nate Peavy. In this episode we discuss a myriad of topics ranging from being a theater kid in high school and college, the art of voice acting and much more.

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Colin Jay plays bass in Entopy NY and has played in many bands. Recently Entropy NY released a surprise free E.P So It Goes. Colin chats about playing in bands for the last nine years, Matt Skiba in Blink-182, dogs, playing a in a tattoo shop with Folly, Billy Joel concerts, being apart of different music scenes and much more. This episode is guest hosted along with Dan Shields eventually.


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Morissa Schwartz is a writer whose work has appeared on the Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, Mad, Scholastic and more. Morissa has a new book coming out this summer "Notes Never Sent," published by VIP Ink. Morissa is also an Entertainment Weekly Community Contributor and singer /songwriter who has appeared on MTV’s Copycat. She also holds a Guinness World Record. In this episode we talk about all of this, her time at clown camp, and much more. We were joined by guest host Adrian King of Adrian has Issues Podcast.

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Pat Llewellyn has been making music in the New York/New Jersey scene since 1999. Pat has been involved in many bands (waiting for sunset, BATS) and since 2012 has been working on a lot of music as a solo artist. For Pats 30th birthday he released lewegan Overdrive full length, Personal Fable EP and Maggots are Nothing Special E.P. In this episode we talk about the creative process, being a punk rock dad, comedy, why music has value, and much more.


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Jon Bristol is the man behind Elmwood Productions, a writer, director, and puppeteer. Jon comes back to chat share the process of making their new movie HEAD! HEAD is a one of a kind film  is a one of a kind film starring an all puppet cast in a throwback to the slasher films of the 1970's and 1980's. A group of twenty somethings go for a nice fall weekend camping trip and end up in the middle of nightmare they may never escape from. Jon and Revill also talk about Muppet's, living a creative life, D.I.Y art and much more.

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Gigahoes is a mockumentary web series about the escort agency, Artificial Intercourse, as they try to deal with the changing business landscape as new, better, and cheaper sex-bots are released. Each episode, follows A.I.’s sex-bots out on their calls with their eccentric clients and the sexual hilarity that ensues. Adam and Kevin are writers, producers, actors and creators of Gigahoes. We have an in depth conversation about the first season of Gigahoes.

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Peter Veunnasack is the host of Podstalgic, movie and television buff. In this episode Peter and Revill discuss their favorite television shows, movies, Peter explains his fanaticism for Back to The Future, podcasting, and much more.

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Matt Koff is writer for The Daily Show and stand up comedian who can be seen on The Writers of the Daily Show Tour. Matt talks about writing for The Daily Show, Onion News Network, The Newlywed Game. and much more. This episode is guest hosted by Nathan Peavey.

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 Alia Janine is a stand up comedian and retired porn star. Alia host the Scatterbrain Podcast  and runs The Misfits Podcast Network. Alia also  produces her own monthly comedy show, “Cut-Throat Comedy” at the Cutting Room in New York City. In this episode Alia pulls back the curtain on working in porn and talks about how its surprisingly normal, the transition from porn to becoming a stand up comedian and much more.

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Nobody is happier  for the emo revival then Tom Mullen, in part because he is one of the people apart of it. Tom is the man behind Washed Up Emo (Blog, Podcast, Radio Show) Isthisbandemo.com, and Emo night in New York City. Tom has also worked for various record labels (Sony,Vagrant, Equal Vision) and just has a passion for music. We are joined by guest host Beau Pearce on this episode.

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Jason Madden is one half of the Bus Stop Podcast. In this episode Jason shares fun stories that happen while he and co host Effron have encountered at bus stops throughout Vancouver. The subtle differences from the United States and Canada, there obsession with F.R.I.E.N.D’s and much more.

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Jeff Berman is a acoustic/indie/punk singer songwriter known as Divided Heaven. Jeff has toured the world with Divided Heaven. In this episode guest host Dan Shields (The Raritain) chat about his multiple tours, growing up in Pennsylvania, living in Los Angeles, his different musical projects over the years, what lead to pursuing a solo act, finding culture on the road and much more. Check out Dividend Heaven new album Young Blood out now on Say 10 Records.

Jeffs webs

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Tommy Gunn (T.Gunn) has played in many bands throughout the years in the New Jersey Scene (Communication Redlight) and is now a solo act. In this episode we are joined by guest co host Dan Shields (The Raritan) and talk all things growing up in a punk rock scene, the creative process, why we still love ska, Tommy shares stories his music scene and more.

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Sean Carney is the bassist of The Scandals (Gunner Records, Red Bull Sound Select) he drops by the Cat Cave and has a few beers with host Revill. Sean chats about being in a band from New Jersey while living in Rhode Island, being apart of different music scenes in Orlando, Providence, and New Brunswick, touring the U.S.A and Europe, The recording process of their upcoming new CD produced by Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) how much they love pizza and much more.


Intro and Outro Song- The Scandals Second Thought


TheScandalsNJ.Com, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter]

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Nevin Martell is an author, food and travel writer, photographer and pop cultural archaeologist. Nevin is author of one of host Revill’s favorite books Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip. In this chat Nevin shares what it was like writing the book,appearing in the documentary Dear Mr. Waterson (on netflix!), the perks of being a food writer, how he meet Jim Henson, and much more.



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Ash Blodgett is the co-founder of the Youtube Chanel LaughStash TV, where she directs and writes comedy shorts, Vlogs (Ash’s Stash) has a cooking show (The Hunger Dames) and you can watch her award winning short film Hold Up. If that wasn't enough when she isn’t creating all this content for free she works as an editor for Full Custom Garage on MAVTV.

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Adrian King is the host of the Adrian Has Issues podcast , funny dude and self-proclaimed nerd and explains that "geek runs in your blood." Adrian discuss the inclusion movement in the geek community, why he is such a fanboy he can not enjoy an X-Men movie, how being a geek is something you can't turn off, his love of comics and much more.


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Independent film makers and television show creators (Wasted) Steve Kasan and Sid Nagenthiram. Steve and Sid discuss there do it your self work ethic, there love of comedy, zombies, working in the industry, the importance of creating your own material, and much more.



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Brian Burdzy and Ronnie Scouten are the host XepicdudesX Podcast. Brian and Ronnie were involved in North Jersey's music seen and have played in many bands. In this episodes Revill, Brian and Ronnie discuss being 30 (or almost 30) and coming from the punk hardcore world. Why they all turned to podcasting, music, comedy Brian's dislike for a certain Punk news website, and much more.


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Geoff Towle and Agim Colaku are founding members of the New Jersey Hardcore, Metal, Ska band Folly (Triple Crown Records). In this episode guest hosted by Amanda Regan they discuss life as a touring band, tour stories, new media and Folly's future plans.


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Kevin Bartini is a stand up comedian, writer, podcaster (The Movie Preview Review) and the man behind naming George Carlin Way. Kevin's second comedy album The Unintentional White Album’ is out now (Buy it!). Kevin chats with Revill about being a warm up comic for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Kevin shares stories of what it was like being at the last taping of The Colbert Report. Starting out in Albany, the journey to get a street named after George Carlin, being a ghost writer for others and much more.

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Christopher Maynard is the man behind the blog, and podcast Following Films (blog and Podcast), 1/3rd of War Machine Vs War Horse Podcast and a self proclaimed fan boy. Simply put Christopher Manyard loves movies. In this chat host Revill and Christopher discuss the changing film and television landscape, why he didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy, why he put films in such high regards, music, fatherhood and much more.

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Maxwell Baines currently works in the entertainment industry as a post production coordinator. Maxwell shares his experiences working behind the scenes, shares his immense amount of knowledge of film, thoughts on this years movies, his predictions of new media and much more.


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Michael and Peter are life long friends as well as the host Regular Friends:The Podcast. Michael and Peter are lifelong friends but are the real life odd couple. Michael and Peters dynamic comes through and cracks up host Revill.


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Paul Alan is an active member in the New Jersey scene as well as touring musician "from time to time" Paul's mission is to play musicevery night of the week. Fortunately for Paul he plays in many bands (Control, Hell Mary, The Lies) and has been in many bands. In this episode Revill and Paul geek out over music, how he balances playing music and working a day job, past bands shows and recording.

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John Maiello is the front man of Seattle pop-punk band Dead Bars signed to No Idea Records. John chats with Revill about growing up in the Jersey scene, playing in other bands, Seattles music scene, the future of Dead Bars and much more. Stick around until the end to hear an unreleased off their upcoming single on Japanese label Eager Beaver Records


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Dan Sheilds a guest so nice hes been on twice. Dan records in the Cat Cave and even serenades us with a song (46:35 mark). Dan and Revill do there best to understand Interstellar, discuss plots lines of Full House, the relevance of commercial  radio, the songwriting process for The Raritan and much more.


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Ryan Dewitt along with co host Brandon Fishwick record on location in Ryans shed. Ryan shares the barter system is still treating him well, how Maine is the Alaska of the east, Ryan’s time working for a Rod and Gun club, Massachusetts recent decision to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, the rise of southern culture in television and much more.

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Andy Tabar is known for many things the front man of  The Flaming Tsunamis and Fatter Than Albert, owner of Compassion Company, his activism  and work with the 10 billion lives tour (please donate!). In this episode Revill and Andy talk about his time touring North America and Europe, how he became Vegan, running Compassion Company, animals rights his D.I.Y punk ethics and much more.


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Adam Lash is a professional stand up comedian who’s  been on The Daily Show with John Stewart Comedy Central, HBO, and Fox News. Adam has played at all the major clubs in New York City, colleges up and down the east coast. Adam is also a the creator as well as writer,producer, and actor of the web-series Gigahoes. In this episode Adam and Revill chat about his webseries Gigahoes, his time as an intern at The Daily Show, the state of comedy today, his involvement getting a street named in New York City after legendary comedian George Carlin and much more.


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Beau Pearce and Revill discuss how they first met as camp counselors at Hope With Heart a summer camp for children with heart conditions (donate!), how their decision process has changed over the years due to being adults, relationships, the great bands he turned Revill onto, how moving to New York City can keep one in a state of perpetual state adolescence and much more.


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Dan Shields returns to the podcast to teach Revill the difference between pork roll and taylor ham (its a Jersey thing). Dan and Revill chat about how not much changes after one gets married, Dans band The Raritain, how they deal with being aged punk rockers, the recent Folly video and how much they both disdain the last season of How I Met Your Mother and much more.


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Matt Roseen and Mike Conceicao stop by the Cat Cave only to be interrupted by Revill's cat Belle. Matt shares his experience of being new to the Ocean State, yoga, sports, restaurants, Game of Thrones and much more.  

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Jon Bristol a puppeteer, puppet maker, writer, producer, director and the founder of Elmwood Productions sits down with Revill on location. Revill sits down with Jon drink coffee and chat about Elmwoods upcoming movie HEAD a puppet horror movie, how Elmwood Productions decided to try kickstarter,  how his influences range from Jim Henson to Kevin Smith, how he became a puppeteer/puppet maker his approach to D.I.Y filmmaking and all things Muppets.

Elmwood Productions Youtube Chanel


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Robert Aube joins Revill from Utah for the first Skype interview. Robert shares his experiences growing up in a military family led him to live all over the country, how he decided to join the military himself, his time served overseas, how he met his wife, his love of all things Asian culture, their time as college pals at Green Mountain College and mormonism in Utah.

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Madelynn Duarte stops in the Cat Cave, simply put Madelynn does it all. Madelynn is one part of the entertainment company Empress, student, and at the beginning stages of her career in the entertainment industry. Madelynn shares the importance of knowing every aspect of the industry from in front and behind the camera, where her work ethic comes from, her future plans of working in both old and new media, and the importance of loving yourself.

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Kasey Bilk stops by the Cat Cave with special guest host Ashley Hogge. In this episode we talk about some of our favorite shows, being a woman in comedy, the new beginnings of honest feminist humor in mainstream television, the process of writing for television and the promising future of YouTube as an outlet for a new generation of creators.


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Nate Peavey returns to the cat cave for an extremely personal episode. Nate and Revill share their experiences of dealing and not dealing with depression and anxiety and the benefits of therapy.  


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This episode of Lets Chat! With Revill and Friends features three Revills! Bill and Carol Revill are host Chris's parents. This episode Chris ask his parents a lot of questions about growing up in a different time, the early days of television, Bills transition to photographer, radio host, and painter, Carol's love of writing and inspiring others to use writing to recover, spirituality and much more.

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Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard in 2011. On this episode host Revill sits down with return guest Ashley Hogge and Brandon Fishwick and have a chat and geek out over the series as well as other animated sitcoms (The Simpsons, Futurama  King of The Hill, Archer, Adventure Time, and South Park).

Music by Loren Bochard- Bob's Burgers Theme


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Katherine and Christopher stop by the Cat Cave and they brought moonshine. Host Chris Revill tries moonshine during the episode with the results you may expect. The conversation touches upon all things popular culture and dives into recent pop culture events such Solange attack on Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence authenticity, and UCONN basketball. Prepare for puns and laughter on this episode of Lets Chat! with Revill and Friends.


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Siblings Alex, Matt and Victoria Picinich stop by the cat cave and brought snacks. During this episode, the Picinich siblings trade stories, barbs, and snide remarks as any siblings would. There is a lot of inappropriate humor, puns, and laughs. Alex shares how he comes up with his delicious spice rubs (There's Da Rub) Matt shares his frustration with the new Star Wars not being canon. The Picininch’s also talk about being raised by nerd parents, BBQ, cosplay, dinosaurs, restaurants and movies.


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Ashley Hogge drops by the Cat Cave and she brought snacks! In this episode Ashley and Revill enjoy snacks and touch upon a wide range of topics including sexuality, sexual orientation, HBO's Girls, the modern state comedy on new media, what it means to be "tumbler famous" among many other wonderful topics.


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Our guest today Jon Tummillo sits down with Revill on location in New Jersey to share his experiences of being the front man of Folly. Jon shares stories of his experience dabbling with stand up comedy, touring before cell phones his upbringing and his domestic life nowadays. This episode is has no shortage for fans of Folly with many great stories of the early days, being courted to labels and how they decided to sign with Triple Crown, the future of Folly, and how Jon reacts to being recognized in public among. Jackie Fortus also pops in and out of the episode and shares the two share how they met. 


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This episode was recorded on location in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Lets Chat! is excited to have their first couple on along with co-host Victoria Picinich. The two hosts sit down with Jaime and Mike and enjoy some cookies, wine and excitement. The foursome do their best to make each other laugh, share stories of awkward movie moments with family, geek talk, television, their double date at the Beef Barn as well as other anecdotes. 


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Topher Davis returns to the cat cave for Mikes (former co-host) last episode and explains why he calls it like he sees it and discusses comedy, the future of media and misplaced public outrage, the best Late Night host and shares great stories life in general. Against Tophers wishes Revill brings up old school Nickelodeon...again.



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Chris sits down on location in New York City with comedy writer, Upright Citizens Brigade Performer and one half of Cultural Icons Podcast Andrew Costa. Andrews comedy writing can be found on Funny or Die. This episode touches upon the twos love for the Adventures of Pete and Pete, Andrews pop pilgrimage, there short time lived as baristas together, life changes, what it means to be from the other Connecticut, awkward teenage jobs and writing and performing comedy and the process of podcasting.


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Dan Shields lead singer of the New Jersey based punk rock band The Raritan. (along with Ryan Lehrmitt sit down for the first Lets Chat! recorded on location. Ryan, Dan and Chris tell stories and relive their youth and ask the question “how are we still alive?” They boys discuss growing up punk rock, their origins stories and favorite topics of the show, television, food, and comedy. Stick around until the end with special musical performance by Dan Shields. 



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This week in the Cat Cave special guest host Victoria Picinich sits in with Revill for an incredible chat. Victoria and Lilly are longtime gal pals who refer to themselves as real life Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. This chat touches upon so many topics as three close friends chat the way they always do to such important issues as what it means to be a modern day feminist, Lilly’s involvement with with the non-profit rootstrikers (rootstikers.org), her passion and work with trauma and what shows are you watching and where can you get a tasty meal. Join Victoria, Revill and Lilly as they chat enjoying some delicious snacks and a glass of wine or two.


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Mike (former co-host) and Revillsit down with there first guest born and raised in the ocean state! Mike Conceico is kind enough to pay a visit to the Cat Cave afterwork. The Mike's and Revill conversation somehow touches on bears, Portugal, immigration and of course Air Bud. Mike is also kind enough share his experience working as a Corrections Officer and somehow the Mike's and Revill managed to bring up Air Bud and The Lion King.


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Steven Barthelemy stops by the cat cave for a lively chat with Mike (former co-host) and Chris. Chris and Steven discuss their time working for an upscale corporate coffee shop, how their chance encounter at a romantic comedy lead to this episode, movies that were either overrated or snubbed by the academy and Stevens entrance into the film industry as an editor and production assistant. 


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Mike (former co host) and Chris sit down with Brandon Fishwick. The guys get into an unexpected and enjoyable discussion about some of hteir favorite music, including a spirited debate about both Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

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This episode of Let's Chat! set out to be a themed episode about television conspiracy theories, and it turns out we were half right. The chat with return guest Nate Peavey is equal parts funny and serious. The chat veers into a different direction which lead to a very open and honest discussion about race.


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For the eleventh episode, the boys decided to take a look back and reminisce about the formation of the show, past guests, and what the future holds for Lets Chat! with Mike (former co-host) and Chris.


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Nate Peavey stops by the Cat Cave and sits down with Chris and Mike (former co-host). The boys get a little silly and cover a range of topics. This episode is for those who enjoy dark humor, comics, movies, and some serious talk toward the end. Also, keep your ears open, a special guest stops in and takes a few questions.


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In this episode, Chris sits down with Topher for a gab fest. They talk about old school Nickelodeon, why Worcester is the next up and coming city, the Goo Goo Dolls, and a whole lot more in between. 


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In this episode, graphic designer and Star Wars enthusiast Matthew Picinich sits down with Chris. The two have a long chat about growing up geek in New Jersey, the expanded Star Wars universe, and the difference between graphic novels and comic books, among other topics. Check out Matthew's art work on Deviant Art.







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Mike (former co-host) and Chris took a few week hiatuis. When the two sit down and attempt to have there first free flow converstion with out notes they end up having a serious chat of matters both big and small.

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Mike (former co-host) and Chris sit down with two lovely, self-proclaimed "Geek Girls" Jaime Marks and Victoria (Chris's Wife) to discuss growing up geek and their obsessions with Doctor Who and all things sci-fi.


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Running from 1999 - 2007, HBO's original series 'The Sopranos' is considered by many to be one of the best TV dramas ever to have aired. Mike (former co-host) and Chris break out the gabagool and nerd out over the first season of The Sopranos. "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!"


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