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Dennise Kowalczyk got her start in the world of community radio as a volunteer at XPN in Philadelphia, PA and really went to town with her new passion at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR. She was an on-air programmer for a women’s music show and a news department volunteer.  The latter led to a role as an actual employee as the Evening News & Public Affairs Director (probably her favorite job. Ever.). Most recently, she hosted and produced a segment called BroadBand that aired in a show called The Politics of Living.  Currently, she hosts and produces a new podcast called Artclectic New England.  She moved to the New England area in the summer of 2018 and fell in love with my new home.  Living in Providence, RI has opened up one adventure after the next to explore what the region offers in arts & culture. The podcast is a sharing of her discoveries and includes conversational, curiosity-driven interviews. If you wish to learn more, please drop her a line at ArtclecticNE@gmail.com

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Chuck and Brad do it all so straight ChuckandBradPodcast.com:

Chuck Staton and Brad Rohrer are comedians, writers, and filmmakers in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence (and Rhode Island in general) often plays a big part in their podcast. It's provided a home for their creative interests and outlets.

Chuck and Brad have interviewed countless artists, including the bands Bowling for Soup, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish, as well as Jeff Tremaine (director of the Jackass movies), Casey Jost (Impractical Jokers) and many other other comedians, musicians and creatives.

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Nikolai Diana Blinow is a bad ass lady entrepreneur and a licensed mental health counselor. Nikolai is the founder of OMpowerment Psychotherapy and From Burn Out to Balance.

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Jillian Winters (General Manager) and Jodie Noel Vinson (Program Manger) run What Cheer Writes Club a nonprofit in downtown Providence supporting Rhode Island's makers of the written, spoken and illustrated word. Founded in 2018, the Club serves as a central, umbrella organization supporting and providing space to many of our state's writing-related nonprofits, as well providing coworking, networking and career support to individual writers. Plus, dozens of local podcasters flourish in our audio studio. Lastly, we also support the reading and podcast fan public with Pressing Matters, a free email and social feed on the 1,000+ literary events happening in RI every year.

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Jacob Haller is a singer songwriter, podcast host, producer and editor of Love YA Like Crazy and Tell Me About Your Song, teaches intro to podcasting at AS220 Industries. Keep up with Jacob on social media and his site Jacobhaller.com

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Matt Saincome is a journalist and  the founder of The Hard Times a a satirical website with a focus on punk, alt music, and millennial culture. You can hear Matt on The Hard Times Podcast.

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Bryan Molloy is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked with everybody from  Jenna Fischer, John Mulaney, Dennis Rodman. Bryan and I met at the Providence Flea Market where he was selling his alternative movie posters for Popcorn Ink. On this episode we chat about the golden age of television, the creative process and much more.


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