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Jonah Feingold is the writer and director of Bangarang A Short Fan Film About Rufio Before Hook. On this episode Jonah chats about Hook, how he met Dante Basco (Rufio), how he leveraged viral video (If Wes Anderson Made The New ‘Star Wars) into other projects, interning for Hans Zimmermann, his upcoming project Wendy starring Brittany Snow, our love of Disney and more. We are joined by guest host Daniel Chadwick-Shubat from Get Reel Movies

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Michael Denniston is cohost of War Machine Vs. War Horse a podcast where a new release inspires a look back at two older films with a similar theme, but different approaches. On this episode we chat about having strong opinions on films never seen, bad movies we love, Nicolas Cage's career trajectory, mumblecore, comedians as serious actors, what makes a successful TV show ending, nudity and more.

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Cynthia Bemis Abrams is the host of Advanced TV Herstory a podcast that studies, analyzes and celebrates women in TV. On this episode we about female representation on television the rise of female showrunners and behind the scenes, the changing media landscape, the Anita Hill Case, the greatness that is Lucille Ball and much more.


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Juliette Miranda is an essayist, author, and general misanthrope, writing “mostly true” stories about travel, bourbon, and life. She is the author of Morning Neurosis, a lightly fictionalized memoir about rock n’ roll, relationships, and reality. Juliette the host of The Unwritable Rant which is part storytelling part interviewing celebrity guest. On this episode we chat about her time living in L.A and working in the music industry, the Chicago comedy scene, her writing process, storytelling and more.

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