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David Chen is an actor and stuntman who can be seen in Marvels Luke Cage, Gotham, Mr. Robot, The Night Of, Blindspot, to name a few. On this episode David chats about transitioning from private investigator to stuntman/acting. His role(s) on Luke Cage, working with Method Man, alternate endings to Mr. Robot, his role on Gotham, action comedy movies, growing up on comic books and being in the Marvel and DC Universe, injuries on the job and more.

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Michele BattleFisher is an theorist, ethicist and author. On this episode we chat about fandom, comic cons, systems thinking, science, the universe and more.

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Aaron Foss is the creator of Nomorobo, a service for blocking robocalls and telemarketers. On this episode Aaron chats about how he won a contest from the Federal Trade Commissions to create NOMOROBO, testifying in front of congress, startups and more.

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Nick Robalik is an independent game developer with Pixel Metal Studio. Nick chats about their latest game Sombrero a Spaghetti Western-themed competitive multiplayer platformer. Nick chats about his past working in marketing, virtual reality, the origins of Sombrero, retro games, and more.

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Kyle Clark is a stand-up comedian, who works on such shows Hidden America, Talking Dead, @Midnight. Kyle is also co-host of This Is Rad and can be heard on Nerdist. On this episode, Kyle chats about how his internship at Nerdmelt theater lead to working and appearing on Nerdist podcast, growing up in the LA Punk Scene, relationships, touring as a comedian, his writing process for his new album I’m a person (out now!) and more.

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Chelsey Donn is a actor, writer and comedian. On this episode. Chelsey chats being inspired by her grandmother who was a borscht comedian, her role on Hulu’s Difficult People, her work at The Groundlings Theatre, creating, writing and acting in the web series Wheelz and much more.

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Margaret Verghese is the co host of I Can’t Even Podcast, a six episode series that explores the aspects of adulthood that still perplex us. On this episode Margaret chats about working in radio, millennial shaming, the future of radio, podcasting, adulting and more.

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Kevin Gallagher is a writer and the host of Everything is Awesome. Kevin has been podcasting since 2007 and grew up on Kevin Smith films. On this episode Kevin chats about podcasting, Kevin Smith's influence, his early days of podcasting, Philly and much more.

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Victoria and Chris talk about their two and a half year struggle with infertility. We chat about the infertility process with its many the highs and lows. We also talk in-depth of our decision to conceive a child through in-vitro fertilization and how this journey has made us stronger as a couple, and as soon to be parents. 

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Nathan Withrow covers all things superhero movies as the head writer and owner of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights. Nathan also covers superheroes on the small screen on Channel Superhero. Nathan also hosts the Filmwhys and Sketched out on TV Podcast. On this episode we chat all things superhero movies, TV Shows, retro gaming, The Simpsons, and more.

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Lindsay Goldwert is a comedian, writer, and creator and host of SPENT. SPENT is a money podcast for the financially challenged. If you hide from your mail, dodge phone calls from strange phone numbers and would rather have a beer than make a budget -- this podcast is for you. On this episode Lindsay chats the origins of SPENT, why are we so fucked up about money, performing comedy, working in journalism and much more.

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Lora Ivanova the co founder of myLAB Box the first nationwide STD testing service, offers a discreet way to get tested, speak with a local doctor and get a prescription without ever stepping outside. Laroa is also the founder of Scare LA the first fan convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween. On this episode Lora chats moving to the states, founding Scare LA and how myLABBOX is using technology to change health screenings and more

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Ned Kenney is the CEO of Laughable an app that allows you to discover podcast through comedians you love. On this episode Ned chats about running a start up, his love of stand up, podcasting and more.

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Carrie Gillen is the host of Wine and Shout, Society Lounge and runs the blog Allthingspodcast.com . On this episode Carrie chats about starting her podcast review blog, her two podcast, having a family member with mental illness, her love of reality TV, meeting Obama, Biden, Letterman and more all in one day.

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Tyler Marchant runs Futurhorse Productions and is a podcast editor. Tyler chats about landing the gig working for the Anna Faris podcast Unqualified and other podcast, our love of CW’s superhero shows, animation, and much more.

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Bloodbath Burdzy is co host of Blood, Guts and Blu-Ray Podcast a weekly horror fanboy’ podcast that discuss horror movies ranging from big-budget Hollywood pictures to independent B-movies and exploitation films. We chat collecting vinyl, booking big names for his other podcast XepicDudesX, this year's election, his love of horror films and the origins of Blood, Guts and Blu-Ray.

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K.W Peery returns to the podcast to chat about his new book Purgatory (out now on Gen Z Publishing). K.W is a author, lyricist and founding member of The Marshall/Peery Project. We chat about our love of sports movies, what shows were watching, how the television landscape has changed and his new book Pugatory.

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Xavier is the host of Geek Gravy and a pastry cook in New York City. Xavier chats about the NYC restaurant scene, being a foodie, Our love of different ethnic foods, golden age of Nickelodeon, all things geek culture, his obsession with donuts and much more.

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Aaron Kominos-Smith is a stand up comedian and host of But I also Podcast. Aaron chats about touring the country as a stand up comedian, the differences of playing clubs to colleges, performing open mics with Amy Schumer, how he became a comedian and his podcast But I also where where Aaron's first discusses the guest job and there hobby.

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Daniel Chadwick-Shubat runs the movie blog/podcast Get Reel Movies. Get Reel Movies is a Place Where You Can Get Real About Movies and TV. Dan is an aspiring filmmaker, and cinefile, we chat how he has been able to break into the Canadian film industry with his blog and podcast,  how he can sit through a four hour movie, traveling through a country after an act of terrorism, film festivals, the T.V show friends, how Captain America is the greatest trilogy and more.

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Erica DeLarosa is an actor, educator, director and founder of (Communities Enlivened & Interactively Building through the Arts) (CEIBA) an emerging cooperative community, located in the corazon /heart of San Antonio, Texas. Erica chats about her work with. The Puentes Young Artists' Residency Program. A San Antonio based arts initiative who works with teenagers  to complete a one month summer residency is designed to give young artists the experience to create, study, work and live in New York City and much more.

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Dj Valentine is one-third of the Simplistic Reviews blog and podcast. Simplistic Reviews Blog reviews movies and television shows from the past and present. Simplistic Reviews gives you a minimum one-word review. Dj is a cinephile and chats about his love of films and how he watches everything, writing for comic books, superhero movies, animation, Tale Spin and much more.

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Carl Jones chats about how he fell down a podcast wormhole, celebrating our geekdom, the importance of diversity across media, Black Lives Matter Movement, retro video games, our love of musicals and much more.


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Moji Fagbemi is the host of TV Movie Mistress. On this episode we chat about being atheist, the 2016 presidential election, how we are both television super fans, the emotional connection we make to art and media, the 2016 presidential election, the origins of TV Movie Mistress, Pokemon GO and more.

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Bri Benjamin is a fan of all things nerd culture. We chat fandom our obsession with CW shows (Vampire Diaries, Flash, Arrow, Whose Line is it Anyway) Marvel and DC movies, and is nerd culture in, her hatred of Ben Affleck, the optimism of Parks and Recreation and much more.

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Travis McElroy is a professional podcaster and actor. Travis is the host of My Brother, My Brother and Me, Trends Like These, Can I pet your dog?, Interrobangcast, Bunker Buddies, Shmanners, Til Death Do Us Blart. On this episode Travis shares his journey from working a carpenter for a Shakespeare Company to professional podcaster. Travis teases details of the upcoming My Brother, My Brother and Me TV show on Seeso, becoming friends with his idols, the importance of diversity in the podcast community and much more. I am joined by guest host Jacob Haller.

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Drew Chiminec is a writer and director of the dark comedy short film Raising The Dead and the owner of Drew Jersey Productions. Drew chats about working for the WWE, our his love of dark comedies, the Ernest movies, our love of pop punk and all things Drive Thru Records and the origins of Raising the Dead.

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Michael Sangregorio is the host of Sketchprovcast Podcast, and Creative Director of Original Content for Sketchprov.com. Michael has been writing and performing sketch and improv comedy since he was 15 years old. A northern New Jersey native, Sketchprov.com launched on April Fool’s Day of 2016 featuring three comedy acts in their network of comedy groups and continues to expand. Michael is now producing live shows and collaborative original work with the featured acts. On this episode we chat about working at Disney World, our love of The Simpsons, spot on Ned Flanders and Professor Fink impressions, voice acting, their goal to bring a comedy scene to New Jersey and more.

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Marc Hershon is a writer, author of the book I Hate People, Cartoonist, minister, screenwriter and host of Succotash The Comedy Podcast. On this episode Marc chats about working in radio, managing comedy clubs during the comedy boom of the 80’s, his work as a screenwriter, professional branding, The Flash, performing and teaching improv and much more.

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Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan are creators/writer/producer/actors of Gigahoes a mockumentary web series about the escort agency. Each episode follows A.I.’s sex-bots out on their calls with their eccentric clients and the sexual hilarity that ensues. On this episode we chat about the process of making season 2 (donate now!), superhero movies, sc-fi, being working comedians, predictions about sex robots in the future and much more.

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Rose Cora Perry has been a performer since age four, writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label & Publicity Firm at age 15. Currently she fronts Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold, Rose chats about her entrepreneurship background, he time playing in Anti Hero, being signed to Universal Records, how she has weathered the music industry over the years by touring smarter, playing various music festivals including warped tour and much more.

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Mike Maven is the owner of Shelter Arcade Bar southeastern New England's first Arcade and Pinball Bar and singer of Young Pandas. Mike Chats about starting a small business through kickstarter, reddit backlash, his love of retro video games, pinball, building a community with Shelter Arcade touring the country without a bus or van and relying in ridesharing and public transportation and much more.


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On this episode I am joined by Ashley Burgy and Adrian King (Adrian Has Issues,Hobsnobbery) to chat about what is now called “The Emo Boom” of the early 2000’s. We chat about bands we loved, hated, being scene kids, labels and much more.

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Paula Allen is the host of Tell Me Stories Podcast taking you backstage to hear original stories from your favorite performers. On this episode Paula chats with about the concept of her show, her experience in college radio, volunteering at music festivals, the indie music scene in Toronto,  comedy and much more.


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Jason,Bob & Mindy are the host of Three Is Comedy a variety comedy podcast. We being former retail warriors, the different comedy influences of stand up, radio, improv, why we think classic rock is overrated, there love of  morning radio, how Three is Comedy came to be and much more.

Thee is Comedy online-Threeiscomedy.podbean.com@ThreeIsComedyFaceboook

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@LetsChatPodcastFacebook

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Andrew Hall and Jack Matirko are the host of Naked Diner Podcast a fun and informative podcast where Jack and Andy interview an intriguing guest . On this episode we chat the 2016 election, their podcasting history, punk rock, our atheist journey and much more.

Jack online- WebsiteFacebook@LaughPurgatory

Andrew online- Zxh-creative.com @LEDFlashingFacebook

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@letschatpodcastFacebook

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Michael Price is an Emmy and Writer’s Guild award-winning writer and producer on such shows as Ahh! Real Monsters, Teen Angel, Legos Star Wars, and The Simpsons​. Michael is also the co-creator along with Bill Burr of the Netflix original F is for Family​ On this episode, Michael chats about previous writing jobs, The Simpsons writers room, celebrities he was able to get on the Simpsons, the origins of F is For Family, what we can expect from Season 2 and more.
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Peter Veunnasack and Devin Priester are co host of We Got Five a weekly podcast that gives your their favorite things in sequential order. Peter can also be heard on his podcast (Hydrate Level Four, Original Remake, BTTF The Animated Series, while Devin can be heard on The Liquor Run. On this episode we which Home Alone movie is the best. how the two meet, Devin not seeing most popular TV or movies and much more.

Peter online- Coretemparts.com, Followingfilms.com@RipCitizen

Devin online-Coretemparts.comThe Liquorrun@DevinLamarr

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@LetschatpodcastFacebook

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Hadas Ben-Tsur is a blogger and podcaster of Common Room a Passionate discussion on Pop Culture, Food, Fitness, and Fashion! On this episode Hadas chats about how she can only live in New York City, which Nickelodeon Game show would she be a contestant on in the 90’s, growing up with geek culture, and the origins of Common Room.

Hadas online-Comrom.co@comromco@HADSTERIFIC

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@letschatpodcastFacebook

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Devin Priester is the host of The Liquor Run Podcast and We Got Five. Devin chats about how weird Family Matters got in the later seasons, our love of stand up comedy, how Krispy Kreme is far superior than Dunkin Donuts, the amount of cultural references Devin doesn't get, podcasting and much more.

Devin online- Coretemparts.com@DevinLamarr@Theliquorrun@WeGotFivePodFacebook

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@LetschatpodcastFacebook

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Brandon Beeyard is the host of Podcast Game Show a fun, fast-paced trivia quiz show for your ears. On this episode Brandon chats about Podcast Games Show's inception, games shows of the past and present, television we watch, comedy, living in New Orleans and much more.

Brandon onlinePodcastgameshow.com@BrandonBeeyardInstagram

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@LetsChatPodcastletschatpodcast@gmail.com

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Joe is an actor, writer, producer, and playwright. In August of 2005 Joe said three words that he swore to himself he would never say. Three words that would free him from a secret. Three words that would change everything..."Pete molested me." Joe is a survivor of sexual abuse who shares his journey and how he has coped with it by making it into a play (For Pete's Sake) and a short film which he wrote and produced titled "Confession". Joe walks us through his journey every step of the way from youth to adulthood and the effects abuse had on him. Today Joe is a survivor and activist who shares his story to help others. Confession is available for free on Vimeo.

Joe online-Confession-the-movie.comStarr-films.comFacebook@ConfessionfilmInstagramWatch the movie for free

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@letschatpodcastFacebook


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Blair Erickson is the CEO of Jamwix a new digital creation studio formed on building powerful, engaging, and innovative experiences for everyone. Blair is a director and writer whose narrative work spans across film, television, and video game entertainment. He recently wrote and directed the award-winning critically acclaimed new horror shocker "Banshee Chapter." He also produced and edited the New York Times critic's pick "The Standbys" a documentary about backstage life on Broadway. Jamwix app CineMagic: Hollywood Madness available on iTunes and Google Play.

Blair online-Jamwix.com@jamwix@blairericksonCineMagic on iTunes store

Lets Chat online-Coretemparts.com@LetschatpodcastFacebook

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K.W. Peery is the author of Tales of a Receding Hairline (out now on Gen Z Publishing) and founding member of  the Marshall/Peery Project. We chat about K.W’s writing process for poetry and music, Folk and Americana music, the folk and americana scene in Missouri, his musical influences, the music industry, living a creative life and much more.


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Richard Laufenburger is the creator of Lil' Cthulhu A card game for 2-5 players where you, Cultists of Cthulhu, backstab each other to appease Lil' Cthulhu before going insane first. who's Kickstarter is live right now! Richard chats about our love of South Park, the popularity of nerd culture, table top gaming,  being a magician and veteran, the creating of Lil Cthulu, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and much more.


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Biff Swenson is a musician (Yawn Mower, Year of Glad, Denizens of Soil) and actor in the short film Raising the Dead. In this episode we chat about comedy, Biff making a fool of himself to his idols, his involvement with the New Jersey and Philadelphia scene, how we prefer the Beach Boys over the Beatles, pop punk, independent film-making, his role as Charlie Kennedy in the short film Raising The Dead and much more.

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Nathan Gray is the lead vocalist of Boy Sets Fire, I am heresy and a solo artist. Nathan has been making music for many years and chats about the early days of Boy Sets Fire, label major woes with Wind Up, being on the Daredevil soundtrack, his love of musicals, The Casting Out, I AM HERESY, his solo project, atheism, what lead him to join the Church of Satan his work with with veterans and much more.

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Tyler Marchant is the host of Cynical Cartoons and Adam Sandcast. Tyler is also a freelance podcast editor (hire him) and film student. In this episode we chat about his love of bad movies and television, The Flash (spoilers!), what is like to watch every Adam Sandler movie, his writing process and more.

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Karly Beaumont is the host of That Pop This Life and Talking Shondaland on the Core Temp Arts Network which she runs. Karly started working in theater, then began making films, and is now taking her to talents the the podcasting world. In this episode Karly chats about raising children with with non traditional gender roles, all things comedy, television and more.

Karly online-Coretemparts.com@KarlyVision

Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.com@letschatpodcastFacebook

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Adrian King (Adrian Has Issues) and Jason Madden (Bus Stop Podcast) and I at one point in our life were huge Blink 182 fans. In this episode we discuss our love of the pop punk trio, their career, our favorite and least favorite albums, our thoughts of the recent Tom Delonge saga and Matt Skiba joining the band and much more.


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Ana-Maria Leonte is an actor who plays Dasha Promenti in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Ana chats about growing up in Romania, moving to London, the audition process, the secrecy filming Star Wars, fun stories from the set, being directed by J.J Abrams, her  passion for how technology about how tech is changing the world, and much more.

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Ray Harkins is the host of The 100 words Or Less (Jaberjaw Network) a podcast that dives deep with creators of independent culture from musicians, artists and other interesting people to find out what inspires them, how they came to be and many other unexpected places. Ray chats about his time playing in the band Taken, his work with Peta 2, staying straight edge, veganism, the hardcore/punk scene, touring, his work with Midroll and much more.

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Dwight Hurst is a psychotherapist, and host of The Broken Brain Podcast  is a fun and informative Podcast about Psychology, Mental Health, Treatment, and all things Brain-ey. Dwight chats about about superhero TV shows, how twist in story telling can be overrated, how his blood boils of the topic of Lost, humor within the mental health community and much more.

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Lindsay Goldwert is a stand up comedian, writer and former online editor. Lindsay chats about working in newsrooms and for various new publications. Lindsay chats about ‘tragedy pizzas” what how the news is made, her comedy heroes, what made her quit working in the news to become a stand up comedian and more.


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Jacob Haller is a bluesy alternative singer/songwriter based in Providence Rhode Island. Jacob has been called a cross between B.B King and Weird Al. Jacob is also the host of two podcasts, Tell Me About Your Song and Love YA Like Crazy. Jacob chats about his musical sensibility, playing music, storytelling in music, the dangers of writing a song about somebody, podcasting, and much more.

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JP Flexner is the drummer of Beach Slang. JP chats about his time playing in Ex-Friends, how playing Riot Fest with Weston lead to Beach Slang's formation the Philadelphia Scene, balancing the band, relationships and and freelance graphic designing, touring the U.S and Europe, how to deal with all the praise, meeting your idols and much more.

Beach Slang online-Beachslang.comFacebookBandcamp@beachslangPolyvinylrecords.com

JP online-Jpflexnercreative.com@JpflexnerInstagram

Lets Chat online Themisfitsnetwork.com@LetschatpodcastFacebook

into and outro song Beach Slang-Ride the wild haze

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