Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Kyle Clark is a stand-up comedian, who works on such shows Hidden America, Talking Dead, @Midnight. Kyle is also co-host of This Is Rad and can be heard on Nerdist. On this episode, Kyle chats about how his internship at Nerdmelt theater lead to working and appearing on Nerdist podcast, growing up in the LA Punk Scene, relationships, touring as a comedian, his writing process for his new album I’m a person (out now!) and more.

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Chelsey Donn is a actor, writer and comedian. On this episode. Chelsey chats being inspired by her grandmother who was a borscht comedian, her role on Hulu’s Difficult People, her work at The Groundlings Theatre, creating, writing and acting in the web series Wheelz and much more.

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Margaret Verghese is the co host of I Can’t Even Podcast, a six episode series that explores the aspects of adulthood that still perplex us. On this episode Margaret chats about working in radio, millennial shaming, the future of radio, podcasting, adulting and more.

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Kevin Gallagher is a writer and the host of Everything is Awesome. Kevin has been podcasting since 2007 and grew up on Kevin Smith films. On this episode Kevin chats about podcasting, Kevin Smith's influence, his early days of podcasting, Philly and much more.

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Victoria and Chris talk about their two and a half year struggle with infertility. We chat about the infertility process with its many the highs and lows. We also talk in-depth of our decision to conceive a child through in-vitro fertilization and how this journey has made us stronger as a couple, and as soon to be parents. 

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