Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Nathan Withrow covers all things superhero movies as the head writer and owner of Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights. Nathan also covers superheroes on the small screen on Channel Superhero. Nathan also hosts the Filmwhys and Sketched out on TV Podcast. On this episode we chat all things superhero movies, TV Shows, retro gaming, The Simpsons, and more.

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Lindsay Goldwert is a comedian, writer, and creator and host of SPENT. SPENT is a money podcast for the financially challenged. If you hide from your mail, dodge phone calls from strange phone numbers and would rather have a beer than make a budget -- this podcast is for you. On this episode Lindsay chats the origins of SPENT, why are we so fucked up about money, performing comedy, working in journalism and much more.

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Lora Ivanova the co founder of myLAB Box the first nationwide STD testing service, offers a discreet way to get tested, speak with a local doctor and get a prescription without ever stepping outside. Laroa is also the founder of Scare LA the first fan convention dedicated to celebrating Halloween. On this episode Lora chats moving to the states, founding Scare LA and how myLABBOX is using technology to change health screenings and more

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Ned Kenney is the CEO of Laughable an app that allows you to discover podcast through comedians you love. On this episode Ned chats about running a start up, his love of stand up, podcasting and more.

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Carrie Gillen is the host of Wine and Shout, Society Lounge and runs the blog Allthingspodcast.com . On this episode Carrie chats about starting her podcast review blog, her two podcast, having a family member with mental illness, her love of reality TV, meeting Obama, Biden, Letterman and more all in one day.

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