Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Mia Marchant runs Futurhorse Productions and is a podcast editor. Mia chats about landing the gig working for the Anna Faris podcast Unqualified and other podcast, our love of CW’s superhero shows, animation, and much more.

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Bloodbath Burdzy is co host of Blood, Guts and Blu-Ray Podcast a weekly horror fanboy’ podcast that discuss horror movies ranging from big-budget Hollywood pictures to independent B-movies and exploitation films. We chat collecting vinyl, booking big names for his other podcast XepicDudesX, this year's election, his love of horror films and the origins of Blood, Guts and Blu-Ray.

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K.W Peery returns to the podcast to chat about his new book Purgatory (out now on Gen Z Publishing). K.W is a author, lyricist and founding member of The Marshall/Peery Project. We chat about our love of sports movies, what shows were watching, how the television landscape has changed and his new book Pugatory.

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Xavier is the host of Geek Gravy and a pastry cook in New York City. Xavier chats about the NYC restaurant scene, being a foodie, Our love of different ethnic foods, golden age of Nickelodeon, all things geek culture, his obsession with donuts and much more.

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