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Aaron Kominos-Smith is a stand up comedian and host of But I also Podcast. Aaron chats about touring the country as a stand up comedian, the differences of playing clubs to colleges, performing open mics with Amy Schumer, how he became a comedian and his podcast But I also where where Aaron's first discusses the guest job and there hobby.

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Daniel Chadwick-Shubat runs the movie blog/podcast Get Reel Movies. Get Reel Movies is a Place Where You Can Get Real About Movies and TV. Dan is an aspiring filmmaker, and cinefile, we chat how he has been able to break into the Canadian film industry with his blog and podcast,  how he can sit through a four hour movie, traveling through a country after an act of terrorism, film festivals, the T.V show friends, how Captain America is the greatest trilogy and more.

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Erica DeLarosa is an actor, educator, director and founder of (Communities Enlivened & Interactively Building through the Arts) (CEIBA) an emerging cooperative community, located in the corazon /heart of San Antonio, Texas. Erica chats about her work with. The Puentes Young Artists' Residency Program. A San Antonio based arts initiative who works with teenagers  to complete a one month summer residency is designed to give young artists the experience to create, study, work and live in New York City and much more.

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Dj Valentine is one-third of the Simplistic Reviews blog and podcast. Simplistic Reviews Blog reviews movies and television shows from the past and present. Simplistic Reviews gives you a minimum one-word review. Dj is a cinephile and chats about his love of films and how he watches everything, writing for comic books, superhero movies, animation, Tale Spin and much more.

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Carl Jones chats about how he fell down a podcast wormhole, celebrating our geekdom, the importance of diversity across media, Black Lives Matter Movement, retro video games, our love of musicals and much more.


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