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Moji Fagbemi is the host of TV Movie Mistress. On this episode we chat about being atheist, the 2016 presidential election, how we are both television super fans, the emotional connection we make to art and media, the 2016 presidential election, the origins of TV Movie Mistress, Pokemon GO and more.

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Bri Benjamin is a fan of all things nerd culture. We chat fandom our obsession with CW shows (Vampire Diaries, Flash, Arrow, Whose Line is it Anyway) Marvel and DC movies, and is nerd culture in, her hatred of Ben Affleck, the optimism of Parks and Recreation and much more.

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Travis McElroy is a professional podcaster and actor. Travis is the host of My Brother, My Brother and Me, Trends Like These, Can I pet your dog?, Interrobangcast, Bunker Buddies, Shmanners, Til Death Do Us Blart. On this episode Travis shares his journey from working a carpenter for a Shakespeare Company to professional podcaster. Travis teases details of the upcoming My Brother, My Brother and Me TV show on Seeso, becoming friends with his idols, the importance of diversity in the podcast community and much more. I am joined by guest host Jacob Haller.

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Drew Chiminec is a writer and director of the dark comedy short film Raising The Dead and the owner of Drew Jersey Productions. Drew chats about working for the WWE, our his love of dark comedies, the Ernest movies, our love of pop punk and all things Drive Thru Records and the origins of Raising the Dead.

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