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Michael Sangregorio is the host of Sketchprovcast Podcast, and Creative Director of Original Content for Sketchprov.com. Michael has been writing and performing sketch and improv comedy since he was 15 years old. A northern New Jersey native, Sketchprov.com launched on April Fool’s Day of 2016 featuring three comedy acts in their network of comedy groups and continues to expand. Michael is now producing live shows and collaborative original work with the featured acts. On this episode we chat about working at Disney World, our love of The Simpsons, spot on Ned Flanders and Professor Fink impressions, voice acting, their goal to bring a comedy scene to New Jersey and more.

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Marc Hershon is a writer, author of the book I Hate People, Cartoonist, minister, screenwriter and host of Succotash The Comedy Podcast. On this episode Marc chats about working in radio, managing comedy clubs during the comedy boom of the 80’s, his work as a screenwriter, professional branding, The Flash, performing and teaching improv and much more.

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Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan are creators/writer/producer/actors of Gigahoes a mockumentary web series about the escort agency. Each episode follows A.I.’s sex-bots out on their calls with their eccentric clients and the sexual hilarity that ensues. On this episode we chat about the process of making season 2 (donate now!), superhero movies, sc-fi, being working comedians, predictions about sex robots in the future and much more.

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Rose Cora Perry has been a performer since age four, writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label & Publicity Firm at age 15. Currently she fronts Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold, Rose chats about her entrepreneurship background, he time playing in Anti Hero, being signed to Universal Records, how she has weathered the music industry over the years by touring smarter, playing various music festivals including warped tour and much more.

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Mike Maven is the owner of Shelter Arcade Bar southeastern New England's first Arcade and Pinball Bar and singer of Young Pandas. Mike Chats about starting a small business through kickstarter, reddit backlash, his love of retro video games, pinball, building a community with Shelter Arcade touring the country without a bus or van and relying in ridesharing and public transportation and much more.


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On this episode I am joined by Ashley Burgy and Adrian King (Adrian Has Issues,Hobsnobbery) to chat about what is now called “The Emo Boom” of the early 2000’s. We chat about bands we loved, hated, being scene kids, labels and much more.

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