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Mia Marchant is the host of Cynical Cartoons and Adam Sandcast. Mia is also a freelance podcast editor (hire them) and film student. In this episode we chat about his love of bad movies and television, The Flash (spoilers!), what is like to watch every Adam Sandler movie, his writing process and more.

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Karly Beaumont is the host of That Pop This Life and Talking Shondaland on the Core Temp Arts Network which she runs. Karly started working in theater, then began making films, and is now taking her to talents the the podcasting world. In this episode Karly chats about raising children with with non traditional gender roles, all things comedy, television and more.

Karly online-Coretemparts.com@KarlyVision

Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.com@letschatpodcastFacebook

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Adrian King (Adrian Has Issues) and Jason Madden (Bus Stop Podcast) and I at one point in our life were huge Blink 182 fans. In this episode we discuss our love of the pop punk trio, their career, our favorite and least favorite albums, our thoughts of the recent Tom Delonge saga and Matt Skiba joining the band and much more.


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Ana-Maria Leonte is an actor who plays Dasha Promenti in Star Wars The Force Awakens. Ana chats about growing up in Romania, moving to London, the audition process, the secrecy filming Star Wars, fun stories from the set, being directed by J.J Abrams, her  passion for how technology about how tech is changing the world, and much more.

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Ray Harkins is the host of The 100 words Or Less (Jaberjaw Network) a podcast that dives deep with creators of independent culture from musicians, artists and other interesting people to find out what inspires them, how they came to be and many other unexpected places. Ray chats about his time playing in the band Taken, his work with Peta 2, staying straight edge, veganism, the hardcore/punk scene, touring, his work with Midroll and much more.

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