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Dwight Hurst is a psychotherapist, and host of The Broken Brain Podcast  is a fun and informative Podcast about Psychology, Mental Health, Treatment, and all things Brain-ey. Dwight chats about about superhero TV shows, how twist in story telling can be overrated, how his blood boils of the topic of Lost, humor within the mental health community and much more.

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Lindsay Goldwert is a stand up comedian, writer and former online editor. Lindsay chats about working in newsrooms and for various new publications. Lindsay chats about ‘tragedy pizzas” what how the news is made, her comedy heroes, what made her quit working in the news to become a stand up comedian and more.


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Jacob Haller is a bluesy alternative singer/songwriter based in Providence Rhode Island. Jacob has been called a cross between B.B King and Weird Al. Jacob is also the host of two podcasts, Tell Me About Your Song and Love YA Like Crazy. Jacob chats about his musical sensibility, playing music, storytelling in music, the dangers of writing a song about somebody, podcasting, and much more.

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JP Flexner is the drummer of Beach Slang. JP chats about his time playing in Ex-Friends, how playing Riot Fest with Weston lead to Beach Slang's formation the Philadelphia Scene, balancing the band, relationships and and freelance graphic designing, touring the U.S and Europe, how to deal with all the praise, meeting your idols and much more.

Beach Slang online-Beachslang.comFacebookBandcamp@beachslangPolyvinylrecords.com

JP online-Jpflexnercreative.com@JpflexnerInstagram

Lets Chat online Themisfitsnetwork.com@LetschatpodcastFacebook

into and outro song Beach Slang-Ride the wild haze

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