Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Here’s Your Breakdown are an Alternative Pop Punk band based in London comprised of Gian "The Kid" Astacaan (Vocals/Guitar) Arran "Freddie" Sahota (Bass/Vocals) and  Rich "Dora- Dusher Bag" Alexander (Drums/Vocals). In this episode we chat about the band's formation, their influences, all things pop punk, the difference of the U.S and U.K scene and much more.

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Kip Clark is the host of Stride and Saunter a conversational podcast. Kip chats about our love of John Oliver, utilizing new media to get your voice out there, the art of storytelling, joining an Improv troupe and much more.

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Frank Branches is the co-host of RPGrinders on Wicked Radio Network. Frank chats about skepticism, video games turned into terrible movies, marijuana legalization in Colorado, starting a podcast network, his love of werewolves and all things horror, our guilty pleasures in reality T.V and much more.

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Morissa Schwartz is a writer, singer, and media personality whose writing can be seen on such sites as Entertainment Weekly, HelloGiggles, and Huffington Post. Morissa new book is 'Notes Never Sent' out now from VIP Ink Publising. Morissa chats about her writing process, television, Full House, conducting interviews, and being a "precrastinator."

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Sarah Hartman writer and member of the Sketch comedy group Hot Buffet. Hot Buffet can be seen performing at The People's Improv Theater (The P.I.T) in New York City. Sarah chats about her time in Australia, her path to comedy, our mutual obsession with television, Christianity, and all things comedy.

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