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Robbie Dorman is the co-host of The Simpsons Show and Handsome Boys Comics Hour. In this episode we are joined by guest co-host Nate Peavey. Robbie chats about who The Simpsons Show came to be, Simpsons how seasons 1-10 are referred to as the golden years, favorite moments, guest stars, episodes and how he would end The Simpsons.

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Jacqui Marpa is a stand up comedian based in Michigan. Jacqui chats about growing up in the Philippines and finding comedy at a young age, performing at open mics, Michigan comedy scene, being inspired by seeing stand up and listening to comedy podcast to perform, television and much more.


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Adrian King returns to the podcast, Adrian is the host of Adrian Has Issues Podcast and runs the blog HobSnobbery. Adrian chats about his experience podcasting, their mutual love of pop punk, emo, screamo, comedy, politically correct culture, all things geek culture and much more.

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Dan McCool is the lead singer and guitarist of Warn The Duke. Dan chats about his time playing with River City Rebels, growing up in the late 90’s Boston punk/ska scene, being signed to Victory Records, how much has changed since the early 00’s in music, Warn The Dukes formation, influences and much more.


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Jimmy LeChase is a stand-up comedian based out of New York City. Jimmy chats about subjective comedy is, performing with some of his favorite comedians, the business side of comedy, hosting open mics, television shows his podcast The History of Comedy and much more.


Jimmy online- Braceforjimpact.com, @lechased, Facebook, Youtube, Moodswingcomedy.com


Lets Chat online-Themisfitsnetwork.com@letschatpodcastFacebook


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Greg Pratt is a music journalist and the writer of A Fat Wreck: The Punk-U-Mentary. Greg chats about the process of writing the documentary, his love of metal, how he fell into becoming a music journalist, Fat Wreck's influence on growing up and much more.


Greg online @GregPrattWriterGregprattfreelancer.blogspot.comAfatwreck.com

Lets Chat online- @letschatpodcast, FacebookCoretemparts.com

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