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Max Lopez is a musician and works at Ashkenaz music and dance community center in Berkeley California. In this episode Max chats about world music, various jobs he has had worked in music, the state of the music industry today, the importance of a local music scene and much more.

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Kyle Appleyeard is from the Shark Dropper Studios. Kyle is the voice of detective James Keyes on Dopple Avenue Hurt a comedic film noir style podcast. Kyle and Revill start out the show with an inappropriate would you rather, how Florida gets a bad name, voice acting for the first time, being the only two people on earth who had Sega Saturn, sports, and the inspiration for Dopple Avenue Hurt.

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Ash Blodgett (writer/director/ co-founder) and Bret Eagleston (sound guy/composer) are from Laugh Stash TV an online video production company dedicated to creating videos filled with LOLs. Ash and Bret are also co-host of the LetsRewatch Podcast. Ash and Bret chat, having viral success, retro video games, Ash’s Comic Con experience,  Bret’s work in animation, and much more.


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Dwight Hurst is a psychotherapist, author, and podcaster. Dwight is the host of The Broken Brain Podcast a fun and informative Podcast about Psychology, mental health, treatment, and all things brain-ey. Dwight chats about his various positions in the human service field, all things mental health, moving for love, superheros and much more.

Dwight online- Dwighthurst.com@BreakabrainFacebook

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Ivery Kirk and Luna Teague are authors of the time travel erotica novel Time Bangers: One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor. Ivery and Luna also are the modern day Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. In this episode we chat about writing the book as a way to maintain their friendship while living far away, make dirty jokes, growing up as nerds, renaissance fairs, time travel, and much more.


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