Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Rafael Nowak is the co host of  We are not here to please you podcast and fellow comedy nerd. Rafael chats about having his pulse on the comedy scene in the states while living in Finland, television shows that formed his comedy development, growing up in east Germany and much more

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Charlie Frattini is a reality TV star and host and a recent contestant on Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid. Charlie chats about his time in the Marine corps and his experience on Naked and Afraid, other reality shows he has done and much more. We are joined by guest host Peter Veunnasack of Hydrate Level Four Podcast.

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Cameron Readey is a stand up comedian who holds nothing back. Pat Llewellyn joins as a guest host and we chat about Cameron's influences, the similarities to music and comedy, the difficulty Cameron faces starting out with out a comedy scene in New Hampshire, bombing, balancing family and comedy and much more.

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Dana Schwartz is a writer comedian and behind the wildly popular twitter parody accounts @GuyinyourMFA and @DystopanYA. Dana chats about entering Brown University and finding her way to comedy, interning at CONAN, starting a writers colony for young women called The Grange, sexism within comedy and literature, television, developing her comedic sense on the internet, using social media as a tool and much more.


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Derek Reilly and John Maiello work in artist relations for Dark Horse Percussion a custom made drum company. Derek and John are also long time friends and musicians. Derek can be seen playing in Jaguar Sharks, Ensign, and Bottomfeeder, and John plays in Dead Bars (No Idea Records). In this episode we chat about Dark Horse, coming up in the New Jersey scene, punk rock coming full circle and much more.


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Kevin Gilligan is a actor, writer, comedian, co creator of Gigahoes  and board member of Geeks OUT. Geeks Out is a non profit organization that rallies, empowers and promotes the queer geek community. In this episode Kevin chats about touring as a theater actor, sketch comedy, Geeks OUT, Flame Con NYC first queer comic con and much more.

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Jonah Bayer is a music journalist, co-host of Going Off Track Podcast, Co-Creator of Sound Advice webseries, and guitarist of United Nations. Jonah chats with host Revill about working as a freelance writer, performing stand up comedy, Trader Joe’s, doing a T.E.D Talk, performing stand up, pun’s, Going off Track, Sound Advice, and much more.

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