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Steven Smith is  a television host (Fuse, Mtv Geek, VH-1) and co-host of the Going off Track Podcast. Steven can also be seen Sprints Fan Connections. In this episode we chat about punk rock fatherhood, working on Fuse, Going off Track, music, comedy, feminism and so much more.

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Jessica Park is a actor,writer, sketch comedian, model, and producer. Simply put Jessica does it all. Jessica about the different range she works in from drama to comedy, being a child actor in Germany, performing sketch comedy, modeling during fashion week, working on Gigahoes, Daredevil, and much more.

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Steven Cytowicz shares his experiences working at Hope With Heart (please donate) a camp for kids with Heart Conditions, T.V shows, video-games, conspiracy theories and much more. This episode is guest hosted by Beau Pearce.

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Jeff Beck is the owner of East Side Mags Comic Book Shop in Montclair New Jersey. Jeff talks about growing up in the New Jersey punk scene, how he incorporates aspects of D.I.Y and community into his business,  his story from working in New York City in a corporate setting to opening up a comic book shop and much more.

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