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Jason Madden is one half of the Bus Stop Podcast. In this episode Jason shares fun stories that happen while he and co host Effron have encountered at bus stops throughout Vancouver. The subtle differences from the United States and Canada, there obsession with F.R.I.E.N.D’s and much more.

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Jeff Berman is a acoustic/indie/punk singer songwriter known as Divided Heaven. Jeff has toured the world with Divided Heaven. In this episode guest host Dan Shields (The Raritain) chat about his multiple tours, growing up in Pennsylvania, living in Los Angeles, his different musical projects over the years, what lead to pursuing a solo act, finding culture on the road and much more. Check out Dividend Heaven new album Young Blood out now on Say 10 Records.

Jeffs webs

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Tommy Gunn (T.Gunn) has played in many bands throughout the years in the New Jersey Scene (Communication Redlight) and is now a solo act. In this episode we are joined by guest co host Dan Shields (The Raritan) and talk all things growing up in a punk rock scene, the creative process, why we still love ska, Tommy shares stories his music scene and more.

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Sean Carney is the bassist of The Scandals (Gunner Records, Red Bull Sound Select) he drops by the Cat Cave and has a few beers with host Revill. Sean chats about being in a band from New Jersey while living in Rhode Island, being apart of different music scenes in Orlando, Providence, and New Brunswick, touring the U.S.A and Europe, The recording process of their upcoming new CD produced by Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) how much they love pizza and much more.


Intro and Outro Song- The Scandals Second Thought


TheScandalsNJ.Com, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter]

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Nevin Martell is an author, food and travel writer, photographer and pop cultural archaeologist. Nevin is author of one of host Revill’s favorite books Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip. In this chat Nevin shares what it was like writing the book,appearing in the documentary Dear Mr. Waterson (on netflix!), the perks of being a food writer, how he meet Jim Henson, and much more.



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Ash Blodgett is the co-founder of the Youtube Chanel LaughStash TV, where she directs and writes comedy shorts, Vlogs (Ash’s Stash) has a cooking show (The Hunger Dames) and you can watch her award winning short film Hold Up. If that wasn't enough when she isn’t creating all this content for free she works as an editor for Full Custom Garage on MAVTV.

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Adrian King is the host of the Adrian Has Issues podcast , funny dude and self-proclaimed nerd and explains that "geek runs in your blood." Adrian discuss the inclusion movement in the geek community, why he is such a fanboy he can not enjoy an X-Men movie, how being a geek is something you can't turn off, his love of comics and much more.


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Independent film makers and television show creators (Wasted) Steve Kasan and Sid Nagenthiram. Steve and Sid discuss there do it your self work ethic, there love of comedy, zombies, working in the industry, the importance of creating your own material, and much more.



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