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Brian Burdzy and Ronnie Scouten are the host XepicdudesX Podcast. Brian and Ronnie were involved in North Jersey's music seen and have played in many bands. In this episodes Revill, Brian and Ronnie discuss being 30 (or almost 30) and coming from the punk hardcore world. Why they all turned to podcasting, music, comedy Brian's dislike for a certain Punk news website, and much more.


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Geoff Towle and Agim Colaku are founding members of the New Jersey Hardcore, Metal, Ska band Folly (Triple Crown Records). In this episode guest hosted by Amanda Regan they discuss life as a touring band, tour stories, new media and Folly's future plans.


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Kevin Bartini is a stand up comedian, writer, podcaster (The Movie Preview Review) and the man behind naming George Carlin Way. Kevin's second comedy album The Unintentional White Album’ is out now (Buy it!). Kevin chats with Revill about being a warm up comic for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Kevin shares stories of what it was like being at the last taping of The Colbert Report. Starting out in Albany, the journey to get a street named after George Carlin, being a ghost writer for others and much more.

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Christopher Maynard is the man behind the blog, and podcast Following Films (blog and Podcast), 1/3rd of War Machine Vs War Horse Podcast and a self proclaimed fan boy. Simply put Christopher Manyard loves movies. In this chat host Revill and Christopher discuss the changing film and television landscape, why he didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy, why he put films in such high regards, music, fatherhood and much more.

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Maxwell Baines currently works in the entertainment industry as a post production coordinator. Maxwell shares his experiences working behind the scenes, shares his immense amount of knowledge of film, thoughts on this years movies, his predictions of new media and much more.


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