Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Michael and Peter are life long friends as well as the host Regular Friends:The Podcast. Michael and Peter are lifelong friends but are the real life odd couple. Michael and Peters dynamic comes through and cracks up host Revill.


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Paul Alan is an active member in the New Jersey scene as well as touring musician "from time to time" Paul's mission is to play musicevery night of the week. Fortunately for Paul he plays in many bands (Control, Hell Mary, The Lies) and has been in many bands. In this episode Revill and Paul geek out over music, how he balances playing music and working a day job, past bands shows and recording.

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John Maiello is the front man of Seattle pop-punk band Dead Bars signed to No Idea Records. John chats with Revill about growing up in the Jersey scene, playing in other bands, Seattles music scene, the future of Dead Bars and much more. Stick around until the end to hear an unreleased off their upcoming single on Japanese label Eager Beaver Records


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Dan Sheilds a guest so nice hes been on twice. Dan records in the Cat Cave and even serenades us with a song (46:35 mark). Dan and Revill do there best to understand Interstellar, discuss plots lines of Full House, the relevance of commercial  radio, the songwriting process for The Raritan and much more.


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