Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Ryan Dewitt along with co host Brandon Fishwick record on location in Ryans shed. Ryan shares the barter system is still treating him well, how Maine is the Alaska of the east, Ryan’s time working for a Rod and Gun club, Massachusetts recent decision to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, the rise of southern culture in television and much more.

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Andy Tabar is known for many things the front man of  The Flaming Tsunamis and Fatter Than Albert, owner of Compassion Company, his activism  and work with the 10 billion lives tour (please donate!). In this episode Revill and Andy talk about his time touring North America and Europe, how he became Vegan, running Compassion Company, animals rights his D.I.Y punk ethics and much more.


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Adam Lash is a professional stand up comedian who’s  been on The Daily Show with John Stewart Comedy Central, HBO, and Fox News. Adam has played at all the major clubs in New York City, colleges up and down the east coast. Adam is also a the creator as well as writer,producer, and actor of the web-series Gigahoes. In this episode Adam and Revill chat about his webseries Gigahoes, his time as an intern at The Daily Show, the state of comedy today, his involvement getting a street named in New York City after legendary comedian George Carlin and much more.


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