Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Beau Pearce and Revill discuss how they first met as camp counselors at Hope With Heart a summer camp for children with heart conditions (donate!), how their decision process has changed over the years due to being adults, relationships, the great bands he turned Revill onto, how moving to New York City can keep one in a state of perpetual state adolescence and much more.


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Dan Shields returns to the podcast to teach Revill the difference between pork roll and taylor ham (its a Jersey thing). Dan and Revill chat about how not much changes after one gets married, Dans band The Raritain, how they deal with being aged punk rockers, the recent Folly video and how much they both disdain the last season of How I Met Your Mother and much more.


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Matt Roseen and Mike Conceicao stop by the Cat Cave only to be interrupted by Revill's cat Belle. Matt shares his experience of being new to the Ocean State, yoga, sports, restaurants, Game of Thrones and much more.  

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Jon Bristol a puppeteer, puppet maker, writer, producer, director and the founder of Elmwood Productions sits down with Revill on location. Revill sits down with Jon drink coffee and chat about Elmwoods upcoming movie HEAD a puppet horror movie, how Elmwood Productions decided to try kickstarter,  how his influences range from Jim Henson to Kevin Smith, how he became a puppeteer/puppet maker his approach to D.I.Y filmmaking and all things Muppets.

Elmwood Productions Youtube Chanel


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