Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Robert Aube joins Revill from Utah for the first Skype interview. Robert shares his experiences growing up in a military family led him to live all over the country, how he decided to join the military himself, his time served overseas, how he met his wife, his love of all things Asian culture, their time as college pals at Green Mountain College and mormonism in Utah.

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Madelynn Duarte stops in the Cat Cave, simply put Madelynn does it all. Madelynn is one part of the entertainment company Empress, student, and at the beginning stages of her career in the entertainment industry. Madelynn shares the importance of knowing every aspect of the industry from in front and behind the camera, where her work ethic comes from, her future plans of working in both old and new media, and the importance of loving yourself.

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Kasey Bilk stops by the Cat Cave with special guest host Ashley Hogge. In this episode we talk about some of our favorite shows, being a woman in comedy, the new beginnings of honest feminist humor in mainstream television, the process of writing for television and the promising future of YouTube as an outlet for a new generation of creators.


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Nate Peavey returns to the cat cave for an extremely personal episode. Nate and Revill share their experiences of dealing and not dealing with depression and anxiety and the benefits of therapy.  


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