Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

Topher Davis returns to the cat cave for Mikes (former co-host) last episode and explains why he calls it like he sees it and discusses comedy, the future of media and misplaced public outrage, the best Late Night host and shares great stories life in general. Against Tophers wishes Revill brings up old school Nickelodeon...again.



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Chris sits down on location in New York City with comedy writer, Upright Citizens Brigade Performer and one half of Cultural Icons Podcast Andrew Costa. Andrews comedy writing can be found on Funny or Die. This episode touches upon the twos love for the Adventures of Pete and Pete, Andrews pop pilgrimage, there short time lived as baristas together, life changes, what it means to be from the other Connecticut, awkward teenage jobs and writing and performing comedy and the process of podcasting.


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Dan Shields lead singer of the New Jersey based punk rock band The Raritan. (along with Ryan Lehrmitt sit down for the first Lets Chat! recorded on location. Ryan, Dan and Chris tell stories and relive their youth and ask the question “how are we still alive?” They boys discuss growing up punk rock, their origins stories and favorite topics of the show, television, food, and comedy. Stick around until the end with special musical performance by Dan Shields. 



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