Let's Chat! with Chris Revill

This week in the Cat Cave special guest host Victoria Picinich sits in with Revill for an incredible chat. Victoria and Lilly are longtime gal pals who refer to themselves as real life Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. This chat touches upon so many topics as three close friends chat the way they always do to such important issues as what it means to be a modern day feminist, Lilly’s involvement with with the non-profit rootstrikers (rootstikers.org), her passion and work with trauma and what shows are you watching and where can you get a tasty meal. Join Victoria, Revill and Lilly as they chat enjoying some delicious snacks and a glass of wine or two.


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Mike (former co-host) and Revillsit down with there first guest born and raised in the ocean state! Mike Conceico is kind enough to pay a visit to the Cat Cave afterwork. The Mike's and Revill conversation somehow touches on bears, Portugal, immigration and of course Air Bud. Mike is also kind enough share his experience working as a Corrections Officer and somehow the Mike's and Revill managed to bring up Air Bud and The Lion King.


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Steven Barthelemy stops by the cat cave for a lively chat with Mike (former co-host) and Chris. Chris and Steven discuss their time working for an upscale corporate coffee shop, how their chance encounter at a romantic comedy lead to this episode, movies that were either overrated or snubbed by the academy and Stevens entrance into the film industry as an editor and production assistant. 


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Mike (former co host) and Chris sit down with Brandon Fishwick. The guys get into an unexpected and enjoyable discussion about some of hteir favorite music, including a spirited debate about both Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

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